What is an evil scientist to do when his creation doesn't listen to him and does the opposite of what he intended it to do? Why he locks it away in an abandoned candy factory and spreads a rumor that it's haunted by evil gremlins, of course!

However this candy factory isn't haunted by gremlins, it's just the home to the Unluckables.

Created to give people bad luck the Unluckables never fulfilled that goal, instead, they absorb bad luck from everyone around them which actually makes them pretty handy to have around. But if they absorb too much bad luck, they go from sweet, playful, candy loving little creatures too much darker prank loving delinquents. It's pretty easy to tell if you have encountered a nice or not so nice Unluckable since their color changes as they absorb more and more bad luck. So if they are light gray you are good, but if they are completely black you should check your shoelaces before every step!

If you want to show the Unluckables that you are friendly just bring them some Skellies, it is their favorite candy and the main part of their diet.